Case Studies

BBC Three

On 9 November 2011, as part of Internet Week Europe (IWE), we ran a large-scale Twitter wall that integrated with a comedy performance by The Boy with Tape on his Face, produced by BBC Comedy. Here’s a clip of The Boy in action.

A silent first

We’re not sure if this is the first comedy gig with Twitter featuring as a core part of the performance (rather than a parallel ‘bolt-on’), but it’s almost certainly the first¬†silent¬†comedy featuring this kind of deep Twitter integration.

Regardless of the technology, the show represented brilliant (award winning!) live physical comedy performance, and was fantastic fun! We were going to do a write-up, but @loooooren has done an amazing job already.

Once more we were ably assisted in design and front-end build by our friends at Sennep.

Photographic evidence