Case Studies

The Guardian – Tagbot

Smesh and The Guardian partnered to develop the Guardian tagbot, a Twitter-based gateway into the Guardian’s content API.

The Guardian via Twitter

The tagbot was designed to offer a handy short-cut for Twitter users, into the Guardian’s rich content ecosystem. When it was live, if you tweeted keywords or a phrase @GuardianTagbot, you’d receive a mobile-friendly link to relevant Guardian content.

It also helped the Guardian investigate new content services for users, as well as being a way to show potential commercial clients just what its API can do.

Other coverage

The project received a lot of press coverage, some rather flatteringly comparing the tagbot to Apple’s Siri.

Nieman lab have nice write-up on the tagbot, including some details from us on how it worked.


The tagbot demonstrated the power of The Guardian’s content API system and the effectiveness of Twitter as an on-demand delivery channel. Not only did people respond incredibly positively to the tagbot, but over 70% (!) of users who tweeted at the tagbot went on to click through to consume Guardian content, with many instances of repeat use.