Case Studies

Orange BAFTA 2012

The Orange Film Pulse builds on the brand’s long-standing affinity with film through the likes of Orange Wednesdays and their sponsorship of the BAFTA Film and Television Awards.

The premise

Today, everyone has a voice. You can hide behind anonymous blogs, tweet under a made up name, share opinions, heckle and praise all from the comfort of your sofa. You no longer need to hide your feelings behind a polite smile – you can now share them instantly with millions of people, all with a push of the ‘post’ button. Inevitably this means that reviews can be posted about anything from products to TV shows, the arts and of course film, and that’s something that excites us.



A cunning plan

Working with Orange and digital creative agency Poke, we built a system that brings film closer to the people that really matter: film fans.

The idea is simple. Instead of relying on a review from one person, from one movie blog, magazine or newspaper, Orange Film Pulse groups together all the noise that a film creates online – across Twitter, Facebook and review sites.

It analyses sentiment too, assessing opinions about films from across the web. Clever eh? Every time there’s a tweet, a review or a ‘like’, that big Orange finger is firmly on the pulse. All of these real time reviews are elegantly filtered down into one easily digestible score out of 100. Buzz and hype, good and bad, all contribute to the score.

The pay-off

So now when choosing what to go and see at the cinema, or vote for during awards season, we can read someone in Manchester saying that ‘The Artist was beautiful but I would have preferred it with some words’ or a film buff from Hackney candidly admitting that 50/50 made him ‘weep like a baby’. These insights may even be more likely to influence our decision than the jaded pro copy of a film mag, or the purple prose of a blog post.

The start of a beautiful friendship

The Orange Film Pulse ultimately changes the way we assess a film’s success, never mind mammoth box office sales (or otherwise). We now know the truth from the people who matter most – you, the audience.

As an added bonus, if you can’t tear yourself away from Facebook, there’s a version of the Film Pulse there too.