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Data Strategy Award

Posted by on April 27th, 2012 in Awards
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Smesh was thrilled to bits to win a Marketing Week Data Strategy Award for the Flickometer, which we developed for Orange’s 2011 BAFTA campaign, supported by production and design work from Poke and Flash build by Sennep.

L-R: Generous sponsor man, Liza from Orange, Tom from Smesh, Ruby Wax. “Gottle a geer,” says Ruby.

It is a universally acknowledged fact that nothing says ‘glamour’ like Data Strategy; something that Ruby remarked upon in various creative ways throughout the evening. Ruby looked a bit troubled when Liza from Orange, actually looking glamorous, turned up with Tom to collect the award. “Are you with him??,” asked a disbelieving Ruby.

Tom’s sense of outrage was soothed when the otherwise generously-proportioned Ruby had to stand on a plastic crate for the photo above.

Pre-award dinner and pensive anticipation. L-R Liza from Orange, Brad from Poke, Stuart from Sennep.

Smesh looks forward to doing more interesting work with creative partners for forward-thinking clients; awards always a nice bonus.